{about me} love

I love my two wee men. I love their dad. I love my camera. I love sunshine and warm days. I love creating. I love yoga. I love strongbow, red wine and not-peaty-scotch. I love seeing the world as beautiful and precious art through my camera lens. I love that more and more I don't need my camera in front of my eye to still see the world this way. I love my big family. I love horses. I love bold, bright, unapologetic splashes of colour. I love great music and dancing passionately but poorly. I love to read. I love capturing beauty in the ordinary. I love spontaneity. I love incredible friends. I love finding moments I didn't imagine. I love gardening. I love to ride my bikes. I love to explore and have adventures. I love to shop. I love that I continue to grow, learn and amaze myself. I love writing this blog. I love to dream big. I love LOVE.

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