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52 fridays
andrea is one of the sweetest friends i've never met; a gem from my instagram community. she is a quiet force with a beguiling face and a heart as big as the prairies.

sarah m style
i "met" sarah through instagram and can honestly say she has a heart and attitude that equals, if not surpasses, the beauty she creates all around her.

i am because we are
anna is another instagram gem. her words and photography and all around creative spirit is a thing to behold.

pursuit of purpose
my beautiful friend allison and her beautiful heart musings.

adventures in babyshitting
my nieces! that is all.

plus one wee bean
my very dear friend's chronicle of her journey through mumma-hood and her quest for joy.

the domestic project
read this, try not to laugh.

enjoying the small things
a very inspiring blog by a mumma whose glass is always half full spilling over.

the wilder coast
a girl on a wild adventure.

the cozyhunter
click around and try not to fall in love.

building our house of straw
friends who are living out their dream...and managed to escape the big city {jealous}!

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