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Sunday, April 27, 2014

today i carved out a magical ninety minutes to myself and hoovered the book turning pro by steven pressfield.

and, oh my goodness, page after page that book called me out on all of my shit; how easy it is to settle into complacency, how hard it is to be vulnerable, how important it is to establish and honour that my work is a practice.

the list of incredible insights into my own self and my own process is endless with this one.

so this week i am going to face my fears. i am going to be vulnerable. and i will not settle for what is easiest or most comfortable. which, for me, shows up as staying the same.

and it is funny that this is where i am at because this entire year, up until about a month ago, i have felt so passionate about doing the work that is from my heart. and yet now that i have actually planned the workshops, planned the classes, talked about hosting retreats, started creating actual course content? i am completely terrified to actually, publicly, put myself out there.

and i know that it's part of the process.

but this work is my baby. it is my heart.

and the fear that no one else will connect to it is wildly intimidating.

big breath in. big breath out.

i have, literally, nothing to lose. and living my passion and purpose to gain.

have a beautiful rest of the night.

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