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Sunday, April 13, 2014

this week my intention is to just keep at it.

sounds simple enough, right?

but i have found the last couple of weeks to be a wee bit of a challenge.

i, of course, have my full time mumma gig that consumes vast amounts of my time, energy and attention. then, on top of that, i have been trying to plan a business, plan a couple of different workshops, think about planning a retreat, read my ever-growing stack of books and run a major de-cluttering operation on our home.

oh, and i need to be present as a wife and friend and fit in my own time to practice yoga and meditate in an effort to maintain my own balance/sanity.

and to top it all off, the weather is finally gorgeous and all i truly want to do is sit in the sun and make up for all of the vitamin d i was deprived of over the long winter months!

i feel like i am being overwhelmed.

and when i get overwhelmed i have a very strong tendency to throw my hands up in the air, middle fingers extended, and walk away from it all.

but not this time.

this time i am going to keep going.

i am going to be more organized and, more importantly, i am going to be completely allowing of the fact that i am not going to get all of these things done in a day. or even a week. or, realistically, not even by the end of the month.

this is a process. 

and i will just keep at it.

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  1. Oh, I can relate! So. Much. To. Do!

    Last week, I went to Body Talk for the first time due to high stress, an extremely muddled brain and a sense that the wheels were falling off the bus. Gained great clarity on my emotions and managed to hit the "reset" button. Getting shit done now!



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