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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

hello loves!

here's a first 'round these parts...a post that is all about self promotion!

well, all blog posts are, in a way, self promoting...but this one is promoting the first little step in the direction of my new business that i am working on.

so, the exciting news?

just about two years ago i learned of a phenomenal body of work that has since become a fundamental part of my every day life. it has impacted my relationship with my husband, my kids, the world around me and myself. it is an absolute permission and acceptance piece to live my most authentic life.

and, drum roll please, i am so excited to let you know that i have completed my training as a personal energy profile affiliate so that i can freely share this teaching with all of you!

a little bit about the personal energy profile program:

"when you discover your personal energy profile all parts of your life will be impacted.
you will focus on creating the most nourishing relationships with your family and friends, how to best use your personal time, more effectively parent your children, nurture your relationship with your partner and how to make the most out of your work.
the personal energy profile workshops provide you with the foundation, learning and action needed to unleash the energy of your greatness. this experience was designed to create impact in both your personal and professional life, as you understand who you truly are, how impactful you can be and what your personal energy is capable of.
while unleashing your greatness may not always be easy, you will prosper in many ways as you journey through the process of self-discovery."
{from the greatness in action website}

amazing, right?

and i am seriously blessed to be able to watch it all unfold with every single client.

i am going to be offering a workshop in the very near future, either in my home or a nearby studio, so stay tuned for that!

i would also like to offer my services to all of you. we can work one on one or build a workshop around you and your family, friends or co-workers.

in a workshop you will learn:
- the art of dowsing and energy measurement
- your two greatness profiles and how these profiles hold the keys to your brilliance; what you were born to do, be and emanate
- your distraction profile and a heightened awareness of what {relationships, situations, actions, habits, etc.} will leave you feeling drained mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually
- your individual greatness principles and distraction characteristics

all workshops include:
- your own custom made dowsing rods
- all workbooks
- complete and total empowerment to confidently measure your own energy
- follow up coaching and guidance as needed

for one on one work you can expect to book about two hours and for larger groups {up to six people} you can expect about five-six hours.

and, because I adore each and every one of you and want this teaching to be completely accessible, I am offering a friends and family rate of $130 per person for any workshops booked before the fall.

you guys, i am so excited about this...it has been an absolute game changer in my life.

please, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or are interested in booking your own workshop at amillionlittleloves@gmail.com!

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