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Monday, March 31, 2014

i stayed pretty far from the internets last week but i did come across a few gems last night and this morning.


major lady love for this woman

i love all of these, but am really feeling numbers one, five, six, nine, eighteen and twenty-six right now

why, yes, yes i did watch this and pretend i was there instead of here...where it has been gray and snowing and cold for far too long now

a good read

and an empowering and inspiring quote:

your soul is your true home. 
in the moment you finally arrive in this psycho-ecological niche, 
you feel fully available and present to the world, unlost
this particular place is profoundly familiar to you, 
more so than any geographical location or any mere dwelling has ever been or could be. 
you know immediately that this is the source, the marrow, of your true belonging. 
this is the identity no one could ever take from you. 
inhabiting this place does not depend on having anyone else’s permission or approval or presence. 
it does not require having a particular job — or any at all. 
you can be neither hired for it nor fired from it. 
acting from this place aligns you with your surest personal powers... 
your powers of nurturing, transforming, creating; 
your powers of presence and wonder. 

::bill plotkin::

have a beautiful rest of the day sweethearts.

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