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Sunday, March 30, 2014

about six months ago i was asked if i would ever teach about healing from post-partum depression.

my immediate reply was that i didn't know how i couldn't. but, even as i said those words, i felt my throat tighten and my heart begin to race and then i quickly made some excuses as to why i wasn't the right one to do it.

it was so strange. and a very clear sign that there were still some walls up around my journey through depression.

and i sort of left it at that.

then in the last three weeks it has come up again and again.

a friend i haven't seen in years {since before i even had post-partum} contacted me to see if i was interested in the non-profit organization she is starting which will provide support to those affected by post-partum depression.

a handful of other friends and acquaintances, all on separate occasions, have asked if i had ever thought about running a workshop on dealing with post-partum depression or a workshop for new moms.

today when i clicked back onto facebook, after a week off, my feed was full of articles and links all dealing with depression.

and the following quote, which made my heart expand and contract and break all at once, found me:

perhaps what we call depression isn't really a disorder at all but, like physical pain, an alarm of sorts, alerting us that something is undoubtedly wrong; that perhaps it is time to stop, take a time-out, take as long as it takes, and attend to the unaddressed business of filling our souls.

::lee stringer::

now that is more than enough synchronicity to get my full attention and so this week i am going to start to open myself up to this potential body of work.

i am also going to be really brave and strong and gentle with myself because, even three years later, post-partum depression still feels so rough and raw to me.


  1. Kael this is wonderful news!
    You know my personal feelings on this.
    People need your soul to help theirs….

  2. it's crazy how old wounds can be so tender for so long. i love that you are open to helping others through this. and i must say on a completely separate note- I LOVE YOUR header/new look.



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