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Sunday, March 9, 2014

for the last year and a half, at least, i have carried with me the well intentioned, sometimes nagging, knowledge that i need to start waking up earlier. like, five in the morning kind of earlier.

and, bless my heart, i have tried on several occasions.

and, bless his heart, b has sabotaged me every time.


every single time i have set my alarm for a very early wake up, b has decided to have the shittiest of nights. on two occasions, i was only just finally getting back to bed half an hour before my alarm was set to go off.

so, yeah. success has not been mine.

however, taking into consideration the fact that i spent last wednesday in the fetal position due to a lack of freedom and solitude, that while i was visiting with a dear friend yesterday the random solution to some unrelated problems was that i was pretty sure that it was time for me to start getting up before everyone else, and then today, just to really drive it all home, a woman i had never met before told me point blank that i need to be getting up earlier than my family for that quiet alone time?

well, those are three pretty clear signs in my mind.

so, this week i am setting the intention to wake up at five in the morning so that i have my time and space to practice and to connect and to be quiet with my heart.

i am also setting the intention that b, bless his dastardly little heart, will sleep blissfully and beautifully all week.

and i think it goes without saying that i will also be setting the intention to be strong and courageous, as waking up that early is not something i relish!

but the benefits will be boundless.

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  1. How did it go?
    I applaud you for setting this intention!
    NOT easy at all, kids or no kids.
    Good on ya!!




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