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Sunday, March 16, 2014


between b sleeping through the night only once and the time change happening {so five in the morning was actually four in the morning on the old system}, five in the morning continues to elude me.

excuses? yes.

valid? i think so.

but, rather than throwing my hands up in the air and flipping the bird to the whole endeavour, i rolled with it and was content to wake up just a little bit earlier than the kiddos. most mornings i enjoyed over half an hour of quiet, meditative solitude and a couple of mornings i only managed the time it takes for my shower.

and that, i have learned, is totally ok.

somehow my perceptions finally shifted last week to the reality that even just ten minutes of peace and quiet first thing in the morning, when well spent, has the power to impact the entire rest of my day. in a very positive way.

this week i am going to focus on determination.

determination to continue to strive towards that full two hours of quiet time in the morning.

determination to not throw in the towel and become an owly beast on the mornings that it just doesn't work.

determination to continue to work on my business in a way that is straight from my heart.

determination to not lose the connection i made back to kev after having a full weekend of just me and him.

determination to continue to be so present in the lives of my little dudes.

determination to live so fully and awake from my heart.

sweet dreams tonight my loves.

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