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Monday, February 24, 2014

this morning started off as a mad scramble. a mad, mad scramble.

but i have officially put the brakes on that shit and am snuggled up with a creamy americano and some sweetness i fell in love with over the course of the last week.


this is next level brilliance...truly, genius. i mean, can you even imagine what it would feel like to play like that? mind blown.

i like this. also? when it comes to the home front, i am in perpetual survival mode.

these are beautiful but i especially love how he describes the process.

this made me snort coffee out my nose.

this quote:

we live under the impression that in order for something to be divine 
it has to be perfect.
we are mistaken.
in fact, the exact opposite is true.
to be divine is to be whole and to be whole is to be everything; 
the positive and the negative, 
the good and the bad, 
the holy man and the devil.
::debbie ford::

these photos of b:

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