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Sunday, February 23, 2014

oh boy.

we were wiped out last week by all kinds of infectious madness.

b had the chicken pox and tonsillitis.

p had fever after fever after fever and a major cough.

and i had strep throat.


on the bright side, we are all on the mend and hopefully have done our time this winter as far as illness goes!

and, not to make excuses, but all of the above should be reason enough to have missed setting an out and out intention last week!

still, i have loved all of the intentions i've set thus far and, trust, even after the week of intense focus is up, each one has continued to play huge in my life.

i like that.

a week of intense focus to get it in my bones and then it becomes a relaxed, simple and beautiful practice. a natural way of being.

as for this week, i am going to re-read each intentional post i've written so far this year, make some notes on what's working and what needs a little kick in the pants and then carry on.

i also want to tie up the loose ends around our house.


-set up my office space. it has been dragging on and on and it high time to just get that shit done

-purge; kids' toys, outgrown clothes, my clothes, the fifty jars of jam in the fridge that have mere scrapings left inside, that half dead plant on the coffee table {why can't i keep a succulent alive?}. you get the idea...ditch the clutter

-deep clean my room and the wee men's room

this week and next i am taking the first little baby steps into some exciting new territory for me and i want to be ready and focused with a clean and clear mind, heart and home.


and i missed 8/52 on the portrait project last week.

so, without further ado, p and b, week 8.

{p, now missing his two front teeth and learned to operate the loader on the tractor and can load big round bales}

{b, just sweet b}

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