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Sunday, February 2, 2014

remember how last week's intention was self recognition?

yep. i did it.

and the very coolest thing was that an "identify your brilliance" session i had booked about a month ago {at the recommendation of a very trusted friend} happened to fall on thursday. and it was mind blowing. truly, it made me cry to know just exactly how cool and unique and remarkable i am.

and how incredible is it that the week i decide to focus on recognizing my own greatness also happens to be the week that i find out what my true brilliance is?

there are no coincidences y'all.

mmmmkay. onward and upward.

this week i am focusing on receptivity.

inspired by the synchronicity that has practically been punching me in the face lately and by the book i am currently hoovering {e-squared: 9 do-it-yourself energy experiments that prove your thoughts create your reality}, i want to really open myself up to receive all of the greatness that surrounds me.

that's it.

open myself up and receive all the goodness this existence has to offer.

i hope this sunday night is providing you with a little bit of extra sweetness.

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