{monday morning} love

Monday, January 20, 2014

Oooooh, loves, I've got some sweet time wasters this morning!

Fill your best mug with your favourite brew, get as relaxed as your current environment allows and check out all of this amazingness that I came across over the past week:

sorry dolly and whitney, but this is the new standard for this classic...in my books that is

sometimes {always} i need a hit of peace, quiet and stillness in my day but don't have the time or space from the wee men to make it happen...this little film always brings me back to center and the kids will sit still and watch it too

ah hell, i also love this one, this one and this one

it has become my responsibility to make our family's christmas morning breakfast and i always make some variation of this recipe...can you tell that i am missing both christmas and am on day 20 of the whole30 madness?

ok, promise me one thing? crank this up when your work day is over and shake what your mumma gave you. seriously. dance. passionately, poorly...doesn't matter. just unleash that wildness from deep in your belly

1 comment:

  1. Monday mornings. ICK! Love that Josh fella. Eat your heart out Dolly indeed.
    Thanks for starting my week off with a sigh.



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