{monday morning} love

Monday, January 6, 2014


They can be total balls.

You know how it is...you do know how it is, right?

Or am I projecting?

Either way, I am hoping that this little capture of all that moved me last week will become a weekly practice that helps ease me into Monday with as much grace and gratitude as possible!

What I was loving last week:

This little monthly forecast always seems to be so accurate, gives a nice heads up on what's coming down the pipes and totally satisfies my hippy soul.

A set of rules that basically nailed all of last years big lessons for me...read, read and read again.

Sarah's new blog...epic creativity and beauty will be going on over there!

Anticipation for two courses over here.

This cover by Coeur de Pirate, this song by Patty Griffin and this song by Mt. Wolf.


I'm already feeling more equipped to face the day.

Have a beautiful one my loves.


  1. This is awesome, Kael! I can't wait to check out these goodies! :)

    1. Thank you Allison!
      It's only been two weeks now, but I am really enjoying reflecting on the past week and gathering what served me best from it as a way to kick off the new one.
      Hope to cross paths with you soon.



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