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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Last week's intention kicked my ass.

Not because I have a hard time with gratitude, far from it, but because it seems to be an entirely foreign concept for the young P. 

And as I tried to weave the concept of gratitude in EVERYWHERE for him, I began to realize that it is a really hard thing to teach. Truly, how can he be grateful when he's never been without? And it's not that he is spoiled or has poor manners, he just sincerely doesn't know how fortunate he is because he doesn't know anything different. In contrast, I came from a childhood that was difficult and have had some fairly major bumps {code: rock bottom pits} along my life's path so I can well and truly appreciate how blessed I am. 

Also? He's six.

Which leaves my heart very hopeful that, as the gifts of perspective and hindsight begin to show up, it will come.

This week my intention is an awareness of community.

There are a few ways I am going to use this intention:

1. I want to really cultivate an awareness of my place in the world. Particularly to pay close attention to what my truth and purpose are and to listen intently to my heart so that I will best be able to serve the collective around me.

2. Recognize my need for others and honour the ways in which they inspire and challenge me while also offering me solace and comfort.

3. Show up for my tribe; make that time and space and really, REALLY, be present for them.

Have a great week.

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  1. I love that saying! You should make pins with that saying. I would buy that!



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