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Sunday, January 12, 2014

How did last week treat you?

Did you set an intention? Did you open yourself up to be guided by it?

I am pleased to report that I basically nailed it on the simplicity front!

However, I cannot take all of the credit. No, I must commend days five through nine of the Whole30 madness for making me feel exhausted and carb flu-ish to the point that I really truly couldn't have complicated my life had I wanted to!

Still, there were a lot of nice little moments where I could see that I was actively simplifying, and therefore keeping my sh*t drama-free, throughout the week.

For this week I am focusing on gratitude.

we can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts 
are conscious of our treasures
::thornton wilder::

The act of giving thanks and being grateful has become an extensive practice for me over the last year and it has the power to immediately change the moment. And it has been fascinating to see how the deeper I root myself into thankfulness, the more my heart opens and the more I notice for there to be thankful for. 

If you decide to really dig into gratitude this week, please be sure to be giving thanks for both the blessings and the not-so-blessings. Because that stuff that is the most challenging? That is where life really offers you a moment to access your pure potential; a moment for pure growth. Truly.

So, to get this gratitude party started, thank you so very much for taking some of your time to stop in here and support this little space of mine.


  1. THANK you for sharing your intent this week!
    And for the reminder to be thankful for good and not so good.
    Great words!
    (Write a book would ya!!)

    1. Hah! Surprisingly, the book deals aren't stacking up...yet?
      Thanks for all of your support, I am INCREDIBLY grateful to know you.



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