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Friday, January 31, 2014

"creating the world we want is a much more subtle but more powerful mode of operation than destroying the one we don't want"
::marianne williamson::

waaaay back, i shared that my focus for 2014 is "power" and "creation" and today i am finally going to elaborate.

in that post i spoke about how my theme from last year emerged as "faith".

i wrote about how for years and years and years i had been looking to external sources for guidance and answers and the pat on the head of acceptance and then, last year, life and all of its lessons fit together to bring me to a place where i actually and honestly could say that i had faith in my own self; that above anyone else's thoughts, opinions or teachings, it was my own heart i could trust and look to for guidance first.

so, with my new found faith in hand, this year i want to really focus on owning how powerful i am and how capable i am of creating the exact life that i want.

"your playing small does not serve the world"
::marianne williamson::

in regards to power i will:

-shed hesitance and resistance; i am learning that if i am resistant or hesitant about something there's often a really valuable lesson there.

-be vulnerable; stepping into my power is not about putting on a suit of armour and becoming invincible or about putting up more walls. for me to be truly powerful i will need to be open and honest and raw.

-be present.

-place absolute trust and faith in the whisperings of my heart. or, as my heart centred practice continues to deepen, the shoutings of my heart!

-create my life.

"believe in what you want so much that it has no choice but to materialize"
::karen salmansohn::

which, conveniently, brings us to creation:

-i will remember that thoughts become things and that every thought that i hold is creating my reality; creating the lens i see my world through.

-i will remind myself every day, and every moment if i have to, that i get to choose. i get to choose my thoughts, my reactions and actions. i get to choose the situations, people and opportunities that i put my energy into.

see how those two words go so beautifully together? i cannot choose to create my life without anchoring deep into my own power.


let's do this twenty fourteen.

happy friday, you beautiful, powerful creators.

{and happy year of the horse! from me and my girl of twenty-one years.}

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