{monday morning} love

Monday, January 27, 2014

happy monday fellow lovers!

start your day off slow with a sampling of what i loved most on the interwebs and my life last week:

not for the delicate, but hilarious none the less, reviews of sugarless haribo gummy bears

a murmuration of starlings

"you are made from love, to be loved, to spread love"; while this letter is to a newborn, the lessons are pretty ageless

an incredible creative process

reusable glass straws...cause the smoothie drinking in our house is off. the. hook.

a quote from P after giving me the three loonies he earned for serving our guests yesterday:

"here mom, you can have these...i can do jobs for money anytime. you? not so much."

and a quote from B yesterday at his bedtime:

"ummm. when are you guys going to die so we can go live with grama and cowpa?"

i tell ya, those kids of mine love and respect me!

have a beautiful start to the week.

and, because i love them, i'm throwing in this outtake from p's portrait session last week and a shot of b and my dad that is all kinds of good.

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