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Sunday, January 26, 2014

i really enjoyed last week's intention of community.

i'm not sure about you, but so often i think about how much i love and appreciate a person that i simply assume they know how i feel without ever actually saying the words. so last week i made a point to say the words. 

it felt good and it felt like pure gratitude.

this week my focus is recognition.

i think i'm above average at recognizing those around me as it is really just an offshoot of gratitude but i know that i am terrible, although getting better, at recognizing myself.

so often when someone pays me a compliment i dishonour it with an "aw shucks, anyone could do that" kind of a statement. or i undermine it with a "yeah, but you should see how bad i am at _____."

this week i am going to go for "damn, i do have some really cool and unique gifts" and "shit yeah, i nailed that." and of course round it all out with humble gratitude for the blessings i have and am.

i suspect this week could be a challenge.

do you ever notice that? how hard it is to take a compliment? the way we diminish ourselves?

is it a woman thing? a canadian thing? a conditioning of who knows what from childhood?

anyway, this week i am recognizing myself.

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