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Friday, December 20, 2013

Even more than New Years, I have come to see the Winter Solstice as my time of new beginnings. It's as though, for me, everything condenses to this shortest day of the year and then it is like a fresh new start as each day afterward becomes longer and lighter allowing for more space, more time, more growth and more expansion.

And so, this year, rather than getting swept up in the societal norm of setting New Year's resolutions and then completely ignoring them because they just don't feel true to me, I am creating a new tradition around the Solstice that involves both looking back, with gratitude and a sense of completion, at the year I have had and then cultivating the intentions to build the year ahead of me.

If you are anything like me and feel that you might throw up at the idea of setting another "I will go to the gym x amount of days" or "I will not eat french fries" type of a superficial resolution, and really want to get deep and intentional with your year, then consider asking yourself some or all of the questions below.

Gratitude For A Complete 2013:
1. What gave me the most joy in 2013?
2. What did my career look like in 2013?
3. What do I feel was my greatest accomplishment in 2013?
4. What old patterns and habits did I let go of in 2013?
5. What did I do to take care of my mind, body and spirit in 2013?
6. How did I grow my friendships/relationships in 2013?
7. When did I feel the most inspired and alive in 2013?
8. What was my greatest lesson, challenge or growth point in 2013?
9. What did I create in 2013?
10. Is there anything I need to do to complete 2013?
11. Use one word, or a very simple sentence, to summarize 2013.

Cultivating 2014:
1. How, and in what areas of my life, can I add joy in 2014?
2. What will my career look like in 2014?
3. What do I want my greatest accomplishment to be in 2014?
4. What new habits will I  encourage in 2014?
5. What will I do to take care of my mind, body and spirit in 2014?
6. What aspect of friendships/relationships do I want to focus on in 2014?
7. What will I do to feel inspired and alive in 2014?
8. What am I looking forward to learning, challenging myself with or growing through in 2014?
9. What do I want to create in 2014?
10. What do I need to do to begin 2014 beautifully?
11. What one word, or very simple sentence, will be my theme for 2014?

Keep a copy of your intentions handy and read them as often as you can.

And, of course, add any questions or intentions that deeply resonate with you.

I'd love to hear about how you get introspective this time of year...what is your process for clearing out the old and welcoming in the new?


  1. I love this idea.
    Makes good sense to me.
    Thanks for surfacing all of these questions for us readers.
    As I've told you before, you are the Queen of helping with 'guidance' on 'letting go'.
    This is one of my big accomplishments this year, and focus for the upcoming... 'letting go'.
    Thanks for blogging!!!!!
    Love ya girl!

  2. Just catching up on the blog....and will definitely be answering some of these questions to reflect on 2013 and building a better 2014. Beautiful....thank you!



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