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Friday, November 8, 2013

Ever since P first started taking part in the germ storms known as "playschool", "preschool" and "kindergarten", I have spent from October to April, the entire six months of winter, battling the colds that stubbornly set up camp in the wee men.

It is insane.

And I have tried everything.

Essential oil diffuser? Check.

Humidifier running all night in their bed rooms? Check.

Upping their Vitamin D? Check.

Upping their Vitamin C? Check.

Pureeing and sneaking extra fresh, organic vegetables into every single thing that I could? Check.

Mixing oregano oil into coconut oil and then rubbing it on their chests? Check.

And don't get me wrong, all of these things are GREAT things to do and definitely seemed to do their part in ushering those colds along their way. However, as soon as one symptom/bug/virus/germ/infection was out, there was a fresh guy keen and willing to hop right in and take up residence.

Now, here's where it gets good.

Third week of September, with P almost a month into grade one and B two weeks into playschool, they each got their first colds respectively and then over the next couple of weeks, swapped them, mutated them and became hot little messes. I was not surprised and so I started running through all of the above measures to help them out. And then, I read on facebook about a friend's success with putting Vicks on her daughter's feet at bedtime and then a pair of socks over top. I tried it, and it definitely kept the nighttime coughing to a minimum. But then, bum bum baaaaaaah, I took it a step further.

Here's what you need:

1) Organic Oregano Oil

2) Thieves Oil

3) Eucalyptus Oil {I use radiata and globulus, just to cover all my bases}

4) Saje's Sleep Well blend

5) Coconut Oil or Lotion

Then, at bed time, I put a little dab of the coconut oil or lotion in the palm of my hand and add one to two drops of each of the oils, rub my hands together to mix it all up and then rub the soles of the boys' feet. Pop a pair of socks over top, kiss their sweet faces good night and that is it!

Doing this cleared their colds up SO. FAST.

And now, at the first sign of a sniffle, I run through this little bedtime routine and am so delighted to say that so far they have been healthy!

**be sure that you are buying quality essential oils...Blaine Andrusek and Saje, here in Calgary, are very good and Young Living is also very reputable
***be aware of your own children's skin sensitivities/allergies and I personally wouldn't have tried this on the wee men if they were under twelve months

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  1. We were also told a while back to do Vicks and socks and it makes a HUGE difference.
    We haven't done the oils but great tips. Thank you.
    I also but a touch of VICKS on the small of his back, works great.



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