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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ok, ok.

I've been promising to share this recipe for weeks now and today is the day that it's actually going to happen.

Prepare yourselves though. This dip? This dip is the bomb-diggity. This dip will make all the other dips at the party hang their wee dippy heads in shame. This dip will potentially change your life.*

You will need the following:
-three cups roughly chopped celery
-one cup finely chopped green onion
-two cups shredded cheese
-two rotisserie chickens {meat pulled from the bones}
-one packet dry ranch dressing mix
-one cup frank's hot sauce
-one eight ounce package of cream cheese

The method:
-add all ingredients into your mixer
-using the paddle attachment, mix {I find that the paddle attachment does a nice job of "shredding" the chicken, which saves a bit of time and energy as all you have to do is pull it off the bones}
-scoop into an appropriately sized, oven-safe dish and bake for thirty minutes at 375° Celsius
-serve with tortilla chips, nice chewy baguette slices or any sort of cracker that seems appropriate {there are these fantastic jalapeno cornbread crackers at Superstore that are a pretty lovely match}

And that is it!

Our Halloween party this year was the second time I've made this and it's hilarious to watch people react to it...they start out all dignified with a small scoop on their plate and very quickly transition to just hovering over the dish, double-fisting chip-fulls of the stuff into their mouths.

Oh, and the above recipe makes a fairly large amount of dip, but...well, refer to the paragraph above... people kind of become fiends for it.

And I know I have mentioned on here before that I am very rarely a meat eater. And when I do eat meat, I want to know how that animal lived and how it died...basically I'll only eat beef from my parent's ranch. But for this dip? I set my morals aside, say a small prayer of gratitude to the chicken and then enjoy. Still, next time I make it I am going to try using chick peas in place of the chicken...will let you know how that goes!

*Fact: I am prone to get over excited and make things seem way bigger than they actually are...still, this dip is pretty dang awesome!

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