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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Waaaay back at the end of July I wrote in one of my wee bucket lists to look up the actual definition of the word "grace".

And I did.

I looked it up.

I even compared definitions between several sources.

And was left feeling somewhat...disconnected. None of those definitions or sources left me with a "grace" that resonated with my soul. I just couldn't get past the "saintly" or evangelical feeling tone of the word. So I just kind of left it at that.

And then this weekend, on my yoga course, "grace" and my struggle with connecting to it was brought back up. My teachers suggested some sources to read up on, as well as their insight, and still I was left kind of disenchanted.

And then, wouldn't you know it, when I got home that evening and flipped open a new book that came in the mail, right there, RIGHT THERE, in the very first chapter was my "grace". Grace written in such a clear and perfect way that it was like every part of my being held perfectly still to soak in the words. To soak in the clarity.

And of course I am going to share:

"Although it is difficult to capture its full nature in one definition, grace is unmistakable when experienced. Grace is a noun and verb; it is a state and an action, an energy that flows between two beings. Grace is gratis, a gift. In theology, grace is defined as unmerited divine assistance, aid given to help us regenerate our spirits and lives--a virtue coming from God...In Greek mythology, the three graces were sister goddesses, daughters of Zeus, who bestowed joy, charm and beauty on mortals. We humans are blessed to be both generators and receivers of grace...

When teaching about health and human consciousness, until now I have often defined grace as a universal life force, but now I find that to be inadequate. Life force simply "is". It is a neutral, undirected energy that surrounds us and supports the vitality of all beings. Grace, on the other hand, has a spiritual quality. It is energy infused with a force greater than our own, a divine intention. When it arrives--usually unannounced or unrequested, "out of the blue"--it fills you with a luminous awareness that is different from everyday consciousness; it makes you come alive with vision and determination and the strength to act. Grace is also the organizing force behind "coincidences," the synchronistic experiences in our lives that some consider chance but that are definitely not random.

Grace illuminates your path by moving through your intuition, influencing the choices that you make. When left to our own devices, we often choose to do things that reflect our shadow side--the dark fears and uncertainty about our ability to survive in the physical world. Nonetheless, we always have an awareness, a feeling, or a gut instinct about what we should think, say, or do. When we say, "I don't know what to do," we are rarely being truthful. We most likely don't want to do what we are sensing we need to do, but we are, quite frankly, too intuitive to get away with that excuse. We--you--cannot not be intuitive. The energy of grace is a relentless internal voice that we can rarely misinterpret or silence. It is a power that works hand in hand with intuition to guide our actions in the right direction--the direction that will do the most good."
--Caroline Myss, Invisible Acts of Power


Leaves me with goosebumps!

Know what else leaves me with goosebumps?

The wee men and the ranch.

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  1. Well said.
    Well written.
    Amazing photos Kael!
    I love the way this writter "hits home" for you.
    Thank you for sharing!



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