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Monday, August 27, 2012

I have watched this A LOT since last night.

The first time I wept.

And each time since I have teared up.

By the time I had watched it for the fifth time I decided to send it to my mom, sisters, Auntie and cousins. And they've all had the same reaction to it. But what's interesting is that the men in our lives who we showed it to have all had a very decided "I don't get the big deal" kind of reaction. And, as my little sister pointed out, it really speaks to how this concept of meeting a standard of "pretty" is undeniably a burden that us girls/women bear.

I could probably get deeper and further into this, but I'll let you watch the video and see for yourself how it speaks to you.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Poor little P.

He is so sick right now.

And while, yes, he is very ill, he is also ever so slightly incapable of just rolling with anything life throws at him...he is our little Eeyore.

For the entire day I listened to his passionate cries of "I'm never going to be better again!" or "This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me!" or, my favourite, "I should just go in my room and never come out, NEVER. Cause I'll never be healthy again anyway.".

Have I mentioned before that P almost always comes with a side of drama?

Anyway, he is feeling pretty low, so in an effort to cheer him up / load him up with vitamins / check off an item on this week's wee bucket list, I enlisted both him and B to help with making some sun tea {hold the tea}. And wouldn't you know it, sun tea is both super simple to produce and super delicious.

Here's what you need for our experiment recipe from today:

- two big-ish glass jars, we used the standard mason jar size, complete with lids {to keep the bugs out!}

- one lemon, sliced thin

-about one cup of watermelon cut into sticks {you could also cube it, but I find cutting it into sticks makes it easier for the wee men to handle / less mess for me to clean up}

- fresh mint {P picked a very large handful from his garden...this probably translates to about half a cup}

- four sprigs of fresh rosemary {this was our total wild card ingredient and was only included because our rosemary plant needed to be pruned back...turns out it was a fantastic addition}

- four tablespoons sugar {this may need adjusting depending on the fruit used and the addition or lack of lemons and your own individual sweet tolerance}

The method:

- divide the lemon, watermelon, herbs and sugar between your two glass jars

- top up with water and screw on the lid

- allow to sit in the sun between one and two hours

- you could then serve over ice or, like we did, place in the fridge to chill for another two-ish hours...this probably helped the flavours to come out a little bit more

And enjoy!

We are definitely going to do this again and experiment with fruit and herb combinations.

Here are the wee men, fully immersed in the process:


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