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Monday, July 16, 2012

I think we can all agree that kids say some pretty random stuff.

And sometimes? I am not sure if I should laugh or cry.

Here's a little bit of P's sweet craziness that he dropped on us this past weekend.

Me: Sooooo, should we have another baby?
{this is just a random question I like to drop on Kev every now and again just to stir it up...WE ARE NOT HAVING ANOTHER BABY} {for now}

Kev: I don't think so.

P: YES! {gets agitated} Dad you have to want a baby too.

Me: It's ok P. Dad can have a different opinion.

P: No, you don't understand. If you bring home a baby, Dad will leave us forever until the baby grows up because he doesn't want one.

Us: {stunned silence}

Kev: I will never leave you buddy. Never ever.

P: {big sigh} Let me make this clear. A baby tree takes care of a human tree and that's family. You get it?!?


In other news, we ranched today!

Take that wee bucket list numero uno.


  1. The gate opening one is to DIE for.
    Ohhhhh sigh.
    Wonderful pics. They sit so perfectly in that JD.
    Mini ranchers for SURE!



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