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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I've mentioned a couple of times on here that I like to try to kick off my morning with a jar full of lemon water {thinly slice a lemon, drop it into a large mason jar, fill with water, leave it on your bedside table over night and enjoy first thing when you wake up} and I thought I'd share with all of you the rational behind this little morning ritual.

So, why is lemon water on an empty stomach so great?

Here are a few of my top picks:

1) Vitamin and Mineral Boost

Lemons are loaded, obviously, with vitamin C {immune booster} and, maybe a little less obviously, potassium {google this one...huge role in our bodies' health}, vitamin B {energy boost}, riboflavins {tissue repair, growth and development} and minerals such as calcium, phosphorous and magnesium {important for strong bones}.

2) Detox

Lemon juice supports liver function by strengthening liver enzymes, regulating carbohydrate levels in our blood and aiding new enzyme creation. I don't think I need to tell you how crazy important our livers are, so give it a boost...especially in light of the recent Stampede debauchery our fair city was witness to!

3) Alkalize

Oddly enough, lemons are very alkalizing to the body and blood. And, man oh man, alkalizing foods are so good for us. Seriously, this could be a whole other, huge post. If you have some free time, it's worth reading up on, but in the mean time I will leave you with one MAJOR point to consider:
- our bodies function best in an alkaline state and, here it comes, cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment...so, yeah, neutralizing the pH in our bodies is a pretty decent idea

4) Digestive Aid

Lemon juice helps the digestive system to flush out unwanted crap {haha!}. Lemon juice also encourages the production of bile which is necessary for the digestion of fats.

5) More Vitamin C

Vitamin C is SO good but is often only known for being an immune booster. Here's what else it does for our bodies:

- acts as an anti-oxidant

- helps production of neurotransmitters and hormones

- forms collagen

- helps prevent cardiovascular disease

6) The way we start each day is incredibly important and when I have my jar of lemon water right there next to my bed, I am guaranteed that my very first act each morning is a healthy and beneficial one. I find I also just wake up a little bit slower and more gently as I don't rush around the moment I roll out of bed...I just prop myself up, sip my lemon water and enjoy some moments of peace and quiet.

Also good for the body/soul? Not one, but TWO trips to the ranch last week!

The following two pictures do not meet the gator's safety code of conduct!

This is what they do when we ask them to "smile big for Grama".

Rush hour at the ranch.

Cutting hay with Cowpa.

My dad's so handsome!

{break my heart} love

Monday, July 16, 2012

I think we can all agree that kids say some pretty random stuff.

And sometimes? I am not sure if I should laugh or cry.

Here's a little bit of P's sweet craziness that he dropped on us this past weekend.

Me: Sooooo, should we have another baby?
{this is just a random question I like to drop on Kev every now and again just to stir it up...WE ARE NOT HAVING ANOTHER BABY} {for now}

Kev: I don't think so.

P: YES! {gets agitated} Dad you have to want a baby too.

Me: It's ok P. Dad can have a different opinion.

P: No, you don't understand. If you bring home a baby, Dad will leave us forever until the baby grows up because he doesn't want one.

Us: {stunned silence}

Kev: I will never leave you buddy. Never ever.

P: {big sigh} Let me make this clear. A baby tree takes care of a human tree and that's family. You get it?!?


In other news, we ranched today!

Take that wee bucket list numero uno.


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