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Friday, June 1, 2012

I was in the middle of trying to fit my very guilty/shame-filled pleasure of watching ANTM in yesterday when P's rest time in his room came to an end. He came downstairs and asked me if he could watch with me. Here's how that conversation went down:

P: What are you watching?

Me: America's Next Top Model.

P: Oh! Can I watch with you?

Me: No, it's a grown up show.

P: Why is it for grown ups?

Me: Because...sometimes they say bad words. (I know, I know, that is potentially the least of the reasons...)

P: What kind of bad words?

Me (whispering): shit

P (sneaky smile, whispering too): Do they sometimes say the really bad word that sounds like a cow poo coming out?

Me (totally perplexed): Which bad word sounds like a cow poo coming out?

P (still whispering): You know, the one I accidentally said once.

Me: Sorry bud, I'm not sure. How about, just this one time, you say it so that I know which one it is?

P (hesitates, then in a voice even quieter than before): fffffucccckkkkk

Me (trying very hard not to laugh): That is a really bad word. One of the worst hey? And it does sound like a cow poo coming out!

Can you imagine? Every time the wee P has been going out to help with chores at the ranch his little ears are being bombarded with eff bombs!

Have a lovely weekend. We're moving cows at the ranch and I am going to have an even more difficult time with how offensive their bums are now that they are not only smelly but also eff bombing all over the place!

End of the week phone purge!

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