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Monday, May 14, 2012

Ok, did you all see the recent Time magazine cover? The one with the woman breast-feeding her three year old while he stands on a chair and the caption "Are You Mom Enough"? If not, look it up, as it and the uproar it has caused are the inspiration for this post.

Here we go...

I love being a mumma.

It is the most blessed gig I have every had the good grace to land.

If there was one thing, only one thing, I could change about it though, it would be the judgements that come with it.

No word of a lie, from the day the world knows we are growing a bub in our bellies almost everyone has an opinion and, as is the trend, rarely are those opinions given in an open-minded manner. People tell, tell, tell you about what is the right {only} way to parent...natural birth, cesarean delivery, co-sleeping, breast feeding, cloth diapers or disposable, swaddling, sleep training, potty training, discipline, vaccinations, when to start pre-school/kindergarten, what extracurricular activities will help a toddler out when the time comes for university {seriously}, which school to go to...the opinions go on and on and on.

And don't get me wrong, sharing information is incredibly valuable...it's just the focus needs to shift to sharing as opposed to telling.

We all need to shift to a place where we believe that everyone is "mom enough" and trying like hell to do the best by their kiddos because, come on, why wouldn't they be? And then, once we're in that head space, we can all go forth and check out what other people are up to and, if it feels right, incorporate it into our own individual parenting style.

Being a mumma is HUGE. We don't need opinions, judgements or dismissive attitudes. We need acceptance, faith and confidence. We need community.

Here's how B feels about all this:

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  1. OH HEAVENLY LORD this post is SPOT ON!
    Well said K!!
    Thank you for confirming I'm not CRAZY!



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