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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Two more laws to go and we have completed one full week of practice!

It's a nice way to do it, hey? One empowering focus a day, one week at a time. And, of course, come Sunday you can start the whole shebang again!

Friday's practice is the Law of Detachment.

Super important to know that detachment, as used in this law, does not mean we disengage or quit caring. It doesn't mean that we give up our intention to fulfill our dreams, but that we give up the attachment to the outcome. Thus we become process oriented as opposed to outcome oriented. Know that attachment is rooted in fear and insecurity and that attachment will most certainly create rigidity. So, we give up attachment but, holy shit, we fortify and bolster and grow our passionate intention.

Odd as it may sound, intention and detachment are the golden ticket to a flexibility that will enable us to fulfill our life goals.

Alright lovelies, let's get down to business with the practice:

1) Practice detachment...just like the law says! Practice stepping away from rigidity. Commit yourself to a life where you don't rigidly impose your ideas of how things "should" be; embrace the freedom of allowing yourself, and those in your world, to be natural. Stay engaged and passionate, but let go of control and force.

2) Give uncertainty a big old bear hug. Squeeze it in close and be comfortable, or even downright happy, with the feeling of not knowing, not controlling. You might just be surprised at how your creative and spontaneous self rises to the occasion of problem solving in the midst of perceived chaos. Think of who you were as a child; curious, innocent, unstructured, free and completely secure with not having everything mapped out and planned and solved...try and embrace that, at least a wee bit. I mean, don't quit your job and move back in with your parents, but find the pockets in your life where you can start to grow this little seed of joy in the face of the unknown.

3) Lastly, be aware of the roles we play in life; mumma, dad, sister, brother, friend, athlete, teacher, student, employee, artist, nerd, extrovert, supervisor, etc. Know that these are just the roles we play and that when they are stripped away we are actually our soul, our spirit; it is our spirit costuming up for each role. Still, we step into each role with full awareness, intention and passion and then let them go when they are no longer needed, returning home to our true Self.

As always, read the law and it's practices first thing in the morning, practice all day, read once more before bed and be aware of where your work lies.

Side note: I have found that with each law there are specific little, sometimes big, areas of my life that I will especially struggle with. Sometimes these little struggle zones stay the same for a while, sometimes they change week to week. But this law? This law, week after week, has shown me that my work with it lies in my parenting. Detachment and the wee men? SO HARD...on so many levels.

Fact: The first picture of our bird houses was taken three, THREE, days ago...the second one this morning.

Spring, you are a crazy and unpredictable thing.

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