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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hello, hello.

How was the day?

How was it to work with the first spiritual law?

It's not easy work, for sure, but, really, when is the important work ever easy as pie?!?

The real gift would be if we could all just maintain our connection to our spirit the way kiddos do. For reals, I look at the wee men and am straight up jealous of how they are right here, right now. Aaaand then I am grateful to them because they are my reminder of what I am working on.

Ok, so tomorrow, Monday, we work with the second spiritual law of yoga, which is *dun dun duhhhh* the Law of Giving and Receiving!

Everything in our world operates through dynamic exchange and circulation; everything is continuously changing...our bodies, our minds, our universe. And when we try to control the circulation and change we create discomfort for ourselves and our world on varied levels. Think of our breath; if we try to hold our breath we will reach a point where we experience discomfort. We need to let go of our inhaled breaths, giving back that air with an exhale, just as we need to receive fresh air through the next inhale. The very act of breathing illustrates on the most basic level why we must be open to giving and receiving in order to keep living.

Another way of thinking of this law is that we can neither hold on to or shut out anything forever. Resistance is futile, so open yourself up to both giving and receiving!

Lastly, and very simply, the more that you give, unconditionally and from the heart, the more you open yourself up to receive.

How to practice you keenly wonder?

1) Focus on your breath. If you have some experience with yoga, this won't come as a surprise as connection to breath is kind of a big deal in the world of practicing yoga. So, just like in yoga, bring your full attention and awareness to your breath and notice how effortless the giving and receiving of it is.

2) Give gifts. These gifts can be material, compliments, your full attention to another person, kind thoughts, really listening, gratitude for a persons presence in your life and so on. These gifts we give can be almost anything, but they must be given consciously and from the heart. Through the gifts you give and the gifts you receive, make a commitment to spread love, joy, appreciation and acceptance.

3) Be absolutely grateful. Take some time to close your eyes, or even write down, all of the things and people you are grateful for. When we are acting from a place of one hundred percent gratitude there is no room for our ego. As you reflect on all that you are grateful for, keep in mind that both the good and the bad are worthy of gratitude as they both encourage growth.

And, just like yesterday's practice, read over the law and it's practices first thing in the morning, practice throughout the day, read once more at bed time and just notice where your work lies.

I'll leave all y'all with a photo series of the ridiculously determined P. Yep, he's riding off of a six inch jump that he made Kev build for him.

Oh, and yes, the photos aren't the best quality, but there was the sweetest little girl at the park who literally squealed when she saw my camera, so she was "helping" me!

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  1. SWEET jump P!
    K, your words have power.



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