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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Congratulations! You've made it to Deepak Chopra's fourth spiritual law...the Law of Least Effort!

There are a couple of things I love about this law. Number one being that it is the Law of Least Effort, and I, being the lazy effer that I am, am completely down with that! Also, it is Wednesday's law. Hump day people, we are on the hump day law!

There's really not a lot to explain about this law so let's get right to how to practice, shall we?

1) Practice the path of least resistance; resistance is immediate feedback that something is not right. Practice acceptance; accept that how things are right now is exactly how they are meant to be. This acknowledgement that everything is in it's right place, at this moment, will help each situation evolve to a new level so much more so than struggling ever will. After you have fully accepted what is present in your life, make a dedicated commitment to making more conscious choices...what? conscious choices? why, we just practiced that all day long with Tuesday's Law of Karma!

2) Once you have fully accepted things as they are, take ownership of the responsibility for the challenge you are facing. Bear in mind that every single challenge is, in one way or another, an opportunity; transform these disguised opportunities to the greater benefit!

3) Become completely defenceless. You do not need to deplete your energy by defending your point of view or trying to convert people to your "side". Just remain open and flexible to all points of view.

The usual law abiding routine applies. Read the Law of Least Effort's practices first thing in the morning, practice all day, read once more at bed time and be aware of how it went.

And, just in case you are tuning in to my blog for the first time (welcome!), here are the first (Sunday's), second (Monday's) and third (Tuesday's) laws and their practices.

And, obvi, no post would be complete without a photo or two!

Here's B...this little man is all about the Law of Least Effort.

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  1. 3rd point of law#4.
    HUGE high five on that baby!
    I am excited for tomorrow... law#5!!



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