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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thursday's spiritual law is the Law of Intention and Desire.

If we want, or desire, something to grow stronger in our lives we must direct more of our attention to it. On the flip side, if there is something we wish to diminish in our lives, we must withdraw our attention from it.

At the most basic level of explanation, we are what our deepest desire is. We must know exactly what that desire is; give it our full attention and intention. And, never, ever, focus on what we don't want or it will surely come our way.

Pretty simple, hey?

Focus on the good, the desires.

Be free of the negatives, the energy drains.

Tomorrow try to incorporate the following practices into your day:

1) Have absolute clarity about your intentions and desires. Write down, regularly, what your wants are; relationships, community, self evolution, knowledge, creative expression, material goods, what you want to do for the world, how you want to connect to Spirit and so on. Write it all down and then modify your list as your desires are met or transformed. Observe how your list evolves. Taking the time to write down what we most desire is kind of like putting those desires on a little super highway to fruition.

2) Now that we've written down our intentions and desires, brought them to conscious awareness, we must surrender their outcome entirely to the universe. This is a huge leap of faith and something that will not seem at all natural or comfortable in our society's conditioned mentality of control, but just think back to Wednesday's Law of Least Effort and let. it. all. go.

3) Practice awareness in each moment in all of our actions.

Say it with me now...read and review the law and it's practices first thing in the morning, practice your heart out all day, read and review one last time before bed and then surrender to the universe and the sweet release of sleep.

*bonus exercise*
Find some quiet time and close your eyes. Think of what you want twelve months from now. Think of where you will be in terms of love, relationships, connectedness, peace, material abundance, creative flow and physical health twelve months from now. See the whole, complete picture. Next, see yourself as having already accomplished all of it. It is done. See everything that is happening around you, see yourself in that place twelve months from now; how you act, how you look, how you feel, who is there with you, what your environment is...imagine, completely, that you are already there.
Then let it all go. Surrender your vision, your intentions, your desires to the universe and know that, in time and on one path or another, they will all be realized.

Happy practicing everyone!

And thank you so much for checking in day after day...I know this week has strayed pretty far off the beaten path of my usual posts, but I've really enjoyed sharing this yoga passion of mine with you.

Oh, fact, that spring snowstorm I had alluded to in this post? That beast is here. So we didn't get up to much today and I didn't use my camera even once. I do, however, have a photo from yesterday, before our world was once more blanketed in snow.

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