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Saturday, March 31, 2012

I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I'd like to share some of what I am learning at my yoga course with all of you.

So, to start, I am going to share Deepak Chopra's Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga.

If you are at this moment hovering your finger over the mouse, ready to click to the next site, with thoughts of how you don't "do" yoga in your head...hold up for just one more moment.

These "laws of yoga" were given to us to practice by our teachers. And, yes, because we are all part of a yoga course we are practicing them during our physical practice, but there is also the intent to practice them in ALL aspects of our lives.

And truthfully? They are lovely.

And, mega bonus, with this practice it is only one law to practice for each day of the week. This is fantastic news indeed if you are anything like me where you start thinking about changes you want to make to your habits, your life, your house, etc and all of the sudden you have a massive list, feel intimidated and opt to remain the same rather than being overwhelmed by the all of the changes!

One focus at a time. One day of the week at a time.

Are you all excited?


Soooo, Sunday we practice the Law of Pure Potentiality.

Simply put, this law states that at the very centre of our being we are pure awareness, pure consciousness, endless possibility and infinite creativity; it is our essential nature. While our minds think in terms of limitations, our souls are unbounded and infinite.

In Chopra's book he goes on to describe how we wear the "social masks" of our ego. Everyday we are wearing multitudes of these masks. We play the role of parent to our children then child to our parents, we play the role of friend and within that major role there are many different minor roles depending on which friend we are with, we play the roles of employer and employee, we play the roles of teacher and student...the roles we play are endless, but all are bound by the same need for approval, control and power. Our egos live in fear of losing approval, control and power.

But, shed these masks, let go of the ego, and our souls, our true Self, can shine. Without the constraints of the ego we are immune to criticism, do not fear failure and know each other as equals.

It's so simple, let go of ego and embrace true Self.

Unfortunately habits die hard, and Captain Ego is a tough bitch to shake, so here are three ways to begin practicing the Law of Pure Potentiality:

1) Connect to stillness. If you meditate or can practice Yoga Nidra, great! If not, simply heighten your awareness of stillness...drop into the pause at the end of an exhale, spend one or two or ten minutes simply breathing with a dedicated awareness of that sweet stillness at the bottom of each out breath.

2) Practice non-judgement. Say to yourself "Today I will judge nothing." and instantly feel silence and stillness within. Accept that every one, including yourself, is doing their best from their current level of awareness. Judgements create false security, learn to sit with insecurity.

3) Connect with nature. Go for a walk, watch a river flow, listen to the birds in a tree, smell a flower...communion with nature brings us the peace of inner silence and holds us to the truth that it, and therefore we, are always present, cannot be rushed and are perpetually in a creative state of potential.

Try to read over the Law of Pure Potentiality and it's practices first thing Sunday morning and then simply put it into practice in every way that you can through out the day. Then, before bed, review the law once more as well as your day...but don't judge! Simply be aware.

Here's B, connecting to nature by checking in on our optimistic little watermelon sprouts!

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