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Thursday, December 8, 2011

I once read an entire article in a parenting magazine.

Seriously, once.

As fortune would have it though, the one time I did opt to peel open one of those well intentioned yet often generalizing magazines, I came across a piece of pure genius.

I would love to just link to the actual article, and credit the author, but this was about three years ago and I have no idea where to find it anymore. Soooo, I'll give you the gist.

In the article the author, a mumma herself, compared having a new baby to having a new lover. Remember that new love phase? When you are consumed by thoughts of this incredible human gift in your life, when you spend every possible moment together, when you cannot stop yourself from gazing adoringly at this person, when you marvel at the simplest things like how beautiful their hands are or how sweet their top lip is. No denying, we've all been there.

It was a lovely, sugary beginning and, being only about a year into mumma-hood myself, I was left feeling a little bit nostalgic and a little bit teary.

She continued on to describe life with a toddler as analogous to being married to an alcoholic. The lustre of that sweet new love phase is gone and, while you still love them to death, your significant other has suddenly become prone to embarrassing public outbursts, they have incredible emotional highs and lows (sometimes, often times, all in the space of ten minutes), they cannot control their bodily functions, their communication skills are often limited to pointing and grunting, they are emotionally and, sometimes, physically abusive...I think you get the idea.

Oh sweet heavens, being only about a year into mumma-hood myself, I laughed, I felt relieved and I felt a little bit teary.

I. Was. Not. Alone.

Here was this kindred mumma who knew. And she was brave enough to write down AND publish how hard a toddler/parent relationship can be.

Some days it shouldn't even be called a relationship...more like a pirate ship!

So, today we hustled and bustled around. We tobogganed, we crafted, we made homemade soup, we drew pictures for Kev, we did puzzles and played the clean up "game". We were busy and we were happy, but there were definitely more glimpses of the tiny alcoholic side of my wee men today then there have been all week!

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