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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I love to eat.

I love it even more when I can look at what I am eating and know that it is going to be crazy good to my body.

Naturally, I am a total sucker for superfoods. They are, just as the name suggests, food that is super for you. I mean, really, no further explanation needed.

Sadly though, superfoods can often be far from super to eat.

Why, hello there kale.

Kale is amazing. Really, really amazing. Google it.

However, it can be quite unpalatable which is why most of you probably only know it as that frilly bit of cabbage used as a garnish in restaurants. It's like the nerdy wallflower to the gorgeous, vapid main event and it DESERVES to be so much more!

So, if you've always longed to be one of those smug hipsters, all into kale and it's healthy benefits, today is your lucky day!

The following three tips are absolute musts in order to make your kale stomach friendly.

1) Pull the curly leafy bits away from the thick main stem. Toss the stem immediately and don't even give it a second "oh surely I could Martha Stewart up that stem somehow". Throw it in the garbage and walk away.

2) Massage your kale. That's right, massage it. I usually rinse it and then scoop up handfuls of the leaves and rub them back and forth between my hands. This helps to soften the leaves and, as an added perk, gets rid of the excess water if you don't happen to have a salad spinner. Spend a minute or two doing this.

3) Toss the kale with your dressing of choice and let it sit, soften and marinate for at least a few hours. Kale will actually keep like this for a few days and just gets better with time.

When you're ready to eat just pull out your pre-dressed kale, add whatever else strikes your fancy and enjoy!

Salad Recipe:
-1 bunch curly kale (stems removed, washed and massaged)
-whatever else you have on hand that would go nicely...cranberries, nuts, hemp hearts, chick peas, tomatoes, CHEESE (makes anything better)...go wild, you deserve it, you are eating a salad after all!

Dressing Recipe-ish:
-1/3 cup oil (I like avocado)
-1/3 cup something tangy (I like lemon or lime juice, but a fancy vinegar would work too)
-1/3 cup-ish something sweet (honey or maple syrup)
-salt, pepper, garlic, pepper flakes, mustard, shallots, fresh herbs, etc. can all be added to suit your mood and taste

Goodbye evil stem.

Avocado oil, lemon juice, maple syrup, pinch of salt and a ton of fresh ground black pepper

Shake it.


 P also wanted to make his favourite "cooncumber and adocado" salad for the blog today.

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