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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesdays have a hectic start.

P has dance class at 9:00.

B sleeps until 9:00.

Waking a sleeping baby goes against every bit of mumma instinct I have.

So we always start Tuesdays with this crazy game of how long can we let B sleep but still be able to get out the door and to dance class on time. P, bless him, has learned that it is best just to smile and nod and help out wherever possible on a Tuesday morning.

Today has been no different except that B has revenge pooped his way out of our first attempt at a morning nap which always makes for some real sadness when he gets put back in his room for a second attempt. And P has been a one man wrecking crew.

So now, as B finally hums himself to sleep and P sits in the basement for 24 minutes of Curious George, I am loving my morning americano and some solitude.

18 minutes left...

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  1. P has dance class? I trust he wears Tumblin' Shorts to class...



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